the world’s best bums, unsurprisingly brought you to by American Apparel

We’ve known for a long time that the rules of objectification just don’t apply to American Apparel.  Being openly criticized for featuring intentionally youthful women, and with a ship-steerer who carries with him a history of sex-related allegations and requires his stores execute on his own aesthetic-based natural selection principles, it then comes as no surprise that they’d pull off something as blatant as a World’s Best Ass contest.
The contest has 450+ entrants, all sporting a different item (s) from the AA undergarment catalogue.  Despite the obvious ‘male gaze’ appeal, there are also a handful of male entries into the contest, most falling on the last couple of pages when sorted by ranking.

Despite its overtly misogynistic intent, it’s not the least bit surprising that young women across North America are submitting their home-made bottom portfolio.  The aesthetic that AA creates in their branding feeds directly into women’s inherent desire to be admired, and to be a little bit naughtier than mama might prefer.  This particularly contest carries that approach, but without risking dignity or respect by way of people actually knowing who you are.  In other words – It’s much safer than, say, webcam exhibitionism – until your ex boyfriend recognizes the unmistakeable way your cheeks swallow that black cotton spandex jersey invisi-thong he bought you last Christmas.


One response to “the world’s best bums, unsurprisingly brought you to by American Apparel

  1. Whats the prize? Your ass in an AmAp ad?

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